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“Passion, curiosity about technology and a healthy irreverence towards past models”

Datlas is a team of professionals with a twenty-year experience, able to put its know-how at disposal of an innovative business vision and timely meet market evolution and progressive specialization.

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“Being close to customer means first of all to be ready to take on new challenges every day.”

Competence, passion and a real customer focus are in the Datlas DNA. Our purpose is to create value in customer business processes, responding concretely to their need for speed, innovation, safety and competitiveness.

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“Innovating means to create conditions to better seize every new opportunity.”

Datlas believes that innovation comes from the integration of technical and operational knowledge in a single Delivery Team. This approach ensures reactivity in providing feedbacks and a quick implementation of services and solutions.

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“ProjectONE combines the appeal of the vision with the challenge of concreteness.”

ProjectONE is the application platform that supports Datlas services. It was born as a blank page and free from infrastructural constraints: dynamic, adaptable and open to be easily integrated with customer systems and the best market solutions.

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“Simplicity is always an ultimate goal. The outcome of a complex analysis.”

Datlas microservices architecture is a solution that allows us to create customized processes, starting from standard elements. It ensures components independence, process scalability, constant monitoring and full traceability, in the name of efficiency and continuous improvement.

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Datlas is a new reality in the BPO industry.
It offers consulting and services that support Digital Transformation in Business Platform as a Service (BPaaS) mode, using ProjectONE, a cutting-edge Enterprise Information & Process Management (EIPM) platform.


ProjectONE embodies Datlas vision, essence and business focus: it is dynamic, adaptable and free from infrastructural constraints.


Specific industry skills and a multiannual expertise allowed us to develop innovative, targeted and quickly implementable solutions to address every market needs.